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Understanding Emotional Contagion

The Science Behind How We 'Catch' Emotions

Understanding Emotional Contagion You’ve probably felt the effects in your family life. One person has a bad day at work and suddenly, all family members are grumpy and upset about even the smallest things. There’s actually a physiological origin to emotional contagion Emotional contagion is a phenomenon in which emotions and related behaviors are transmitted from one person to another. It is a type of social contagion that can happen either by accident or by choice.

Guide to Reusable GitHub Actions Workflow

Code One Action at a Time

What is Github Actions? GitHub Actions is a tool that lets you automate your software workflows right in GitHub repository. It can be set up to do things like build, test, and deploy your projects. One of the most notable features of GitHub Actions is the ability to create reusable workflow. These are workflows that you can use across multiple projects without having to make a new one. Understanding Reusable Workflows

Welcome to Rayen BnB

Hello World, Hello Blog

“Yeah It’s on. ” Hello World! After a long hiatus, I’m restarting my blogging journey! It’s been a while since I last wrote anything, but I’ve been itching to get back into it and share my thoughts with the world. Blogging/Writing is a platform that allows me to explore new ideas and perspectives, and I can’t wait to dive back in. My focus will be on technology, as I am a software developer and passionate about all things tech-related.